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text from the game reads:
"(some) plants i used to find and eat"
"miner's lettuce"
"sour grass"
"wild strawberry"
"wild onion"
"just literal grass"

i have been told you're "not supposed to eat grass" and that "the silica is bad for your teeth" but alas i can guarantee you that if you put me in a field with some nice-looking grass i will still pluck a piece and then gingerly nibble on the tender end right near the root

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Authorbignastytruck (violet)
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finally, a game that centers my experiences


SO thrilled to hear that, thank you for playing

the onions are soooo good

thank you!! :))

This just reminded me that the first time I saw daffodils in winter (not flowering), I thought they were wild onions and I almost plucked a few to make an omelette with them.

oh my god poison omelette!!