content warnings: this game discusses grief, memory issues, dealing with past trauma, attempts to "perfect" the self, the process of recovery in a general sense, and anger tied to processing trauma. it references past gaslighting and manipulation, and includes what may be interpreted as some references to past abuse, mostly by way of discussing apologies and forgiveness. also contains one reference to cauterizing wounds. while the game is not about eating disorders, there is discussion of trying to achieve a "perfect version" of oneself that is, for me at least, inherently related to the topic.

as always with games i make like this, these are really personal topics and if anything in the game doesn't ring true to you, that's super fair! just take what you want from it.

use wasd or arrow keys.

made with bitsy for the march 2021 bitsy jam, theme "unfinished business."


Tranquillity by Prof. Riddiman

Inside Car Noise While Driving by Jack Murray

Turning Signal by acarney2019

Car Ride by jmayoff

audio added using candle's bitsy audio tool!

hope you're doing well. thank you for playing.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorbignastytruck (violet)
Made withbitsy
Tagsautobiographical, Bitsy, healing, poem, recovery, trauma


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oh this is so beautiful and is coming to me at just the right time! unfinished business! i love your interpretation of the phrase, and the visual of the car & clouds just driving never reaching a destination is so perfect :')


thank you!!! :) <3


this meant a lot to me, right now. and i love the simplicity of the visuals - just perfect <3


thank you!!! <3