this is volume 11 of "maybe i'll figure it out next month." scroll down for content warnings and info about the game and the zine!

"maybe i'll figure it out next month" was a monthly zine that started in june, 2018 and ended in june, 2019. the zines often took a different format each month. some things you might find in them included: poetry, short fiction, playlists, diary entries, photos, videos, illustrations, animations, music, and games.

a year after publishing the last zine in the series, back when they were all collected together on one itchio page, i looked back at them and decided that there were some i no longer wanted online. for now, that original page has been hidden. i may make it public again at some point but, for now, i'm reuploading some of the zines to their own separate pages. this is zine 11, from april 2019. (ps, if you paid for the zines back when they were all up on one page but you didn't download them, send me a message on twitter or leave me a comment on here and let me know!)

month eleven: april, 2019

format: a bitsy game!

tw, cw: mention of eating and food, going hungry, and difficulty breathing

contents: a story imagining the lives of the rats that made a nest in my car engine and nearly chewed through a bunch of the wires in there

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