content warnings: death of loved ones (feelings surrounding the deaths are discussed a bit, but the deaths themselves are not described at all), grief and mourning, floods, drought, food. some indication that Something has happened in the larger world that has changed the way of life some, but what that is is not discussed.

controls: press space to begin the game. use WASD or arrow keys to progress throughout the game.

made for the april bitsy jam, for which the theme was bad weather.

made with bitsy, using Sean S. LeBlanc and Cephalopodunk's backdrop hack, and Sean S. LeBlanc's long dialogue hack, which were applied using AYolland's borksy. audio added using candle's add bitsy audio tool. background animation made by putting two or three frames each from a number of public domain stock videos into ruin's pixsy, then downloading snapshots of each room via bitsy, then looping and compiling them in photoshop. :)

public domain stock videos used to create the background animation, all found on pexels:
-tree shades from the sun by  Abraham Braun
-low-angle shot of swaying trees by Engin Akyurt
-swaying leaves of trees in the forest by James Cover
-low angle view of tall trees by Marc Onana
-tree leaves shading the rays of the sun by Super Lunar
-a tree swaying in the wind by PNW Production

audio created with the following files from freesound:
-NEW2.wav by Atmowav, licensed under Sampling+
-Brylie Christopher Oxley - guitar - 2018-05-06a by brylie, licensed under CC0 1.0
-Brylie Christopher Oxley - guitar - 2018-05-06 by brylie, licensed under CC0 1.0
-Autumn wind grabbs the trees.wav by straget, licensed under CC0 1.0
-medium wind in trees birds by Martin.Sadoux, licensed under CC0 1.0
-winter night neighborhood ambience no crickets gentle wind by my_head_is_empty, licensed under CC0 1.0

thank you for playing. :)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Authorbignastytruck (violet)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, bitsy-jam, mulberries, sad, Short, short-story


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damn.... that was really good

thank you. i loved the long sentences and how you displayed them. this game feels as soft as the berries that got gently untangled.


thank you so much! that's so kind of you

this story was so beautiful & it made me cry (at work!) :') keep making more of these please \o/


tyyyyyyyyy!!1! =^._.^=   :'-)

Really really gorgeous prose, and you delivered all the details and the gut-punch at the end beautifully. Got me to well up a bit, thanks for this.


thank you so much!!


holy shit violet, this made me cry! one of my favorite pieces of writing i've read in a long time! thank you so much

aaa thank you dri!!! <3


Good prose to read, especially when someone in deep slump, looking for anything relatable to carry on. Damn lucky em, because someone close to me die in an accident that somehow more hurt than when fellow human die in same manner. Yeah, good ol' blind dog death manage to shake me more than my pop's death.


i'm so sorry for your loss - my thoughts are with you and i hope the game was helpful to you in some way!

every now and then i'll find a game that i just know i'll be thinking about for a long time and pointing others to as a shining example of the medium. this is one of those games for sure. thank you so much for making this!

wow thank you!!

Beautiful game, very simple but evocative prose. The sounds and visuals really sell the atmosphere the whole way through too.

thank you so much!!

This is incredible writing. What a gorgeous look into life and love. I appreciate how well it builds the world around its characters without ever taking the focus off of them. I also really like the audio track; you mixed the files wonderfully!

wow thank you, that means a lot!! :)

I love this. When I saw this empty slot in the entires list, I was really hoping to see what it was, and I'm so glad its here now. Its so simple, but the photos and music is so effective. And the writing? It really got to me. This is truely touching.

Thanks for making this :)


oh thank you!! that's so sweet :) thanks for playing!!


A wonderful sketch of a life

thanks so much!


touching and evocative - wonderful work

thank you, max!! <3


really beautiful  - nice work <3


thank you! :)

you’re welcome!