content warnings: rats (including reference to a lab experiment involving rats driving tiny cars), food, and some references to dissociation and depression (though they're not really talked about much or in much detail). also please note that because the illustrations in this game are made out of a bunch of fruit loops, the imagery could be triggering to people with trypophobia!

flash warning: there is also a slight chance that, depending on your browser and internet speed, there may be a brief flash of white or black between each room - hopefully i've fixed this issue, but i wanted to give a warning just in case.

controls: press d or the right arrow key to progress through the game

made with bitsy, using Sean S. LeBlanc and Cephalopodunk's backdrop hack, which was applied using AYolland's borksy. :)

made in about a day and a half for the july 2022 bitsy jam, for which the theme was loops.

all the fruit loops are from this public domain photo taken by David Streit.

the thing about rats driving cars to get fruit loops is real. also, did you know that rats can smell hunger and they share food with each other according to need? (content warning: blood mention for the linked article about rats sharing food)

thank you to ingwine and jwhop for playtesting/reading the poem so i could get second opinions on whether or not i'd accidentally made an ~*~edgy~*~ "i'm just like a lab rat" game! thank you to everyone i know for listening to all my sick new rat facts!

i changed my idea of the aesthetic of this game about a hundred million times, but if you'd like to see a past iteration, you can see a little gif of what the rooms would have looked like here!

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Authorbignastytruck (violet)
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, bitsy-jam, diary, fruit-loops, rats, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Please more sick new rat facts.


when the rats drive their little cars they feel happy and relaxed :)


Beautifully written poem. Also, thank you very much for the rat facts in the description. I just love those little guys


thank you!! :)




ᘛᕐᐷ 👀