content warnings are below. they contain spoilers, so i'm putting other info before them for anybody who would prefer to avoid spoilers rather than see the content warnings first.

controls: this entire game can be played just by pressing the right arrow key or the d key to move and to progress through the dialogue.

this was made in a couple of days for the bipsi creation myth jam.

content warnings (these include spoilers): death (discussed, not shown), end of the world/apocalypse type stuff, memory issues, seeing a loved one experience memory issues, unreality, time loops, some conversations with parents/a brief exchange about complicated parent-child dynamics. this is basically a "world is ending and there's nothing to do to stop it, spend some time with friends" story.

~ audio credits~
the following bits of public domain audio were used in this game:
cool lofi dubstep drum loop 1 [150bpm] [more filtered] by deadrobotmusic
Harmonium Drone2 by geerose
drone1.wav and drone 2.wav by filipiwo
Radio static by clesquir
Wind Through Trees by James2nd

~ special thanks to ~
demi, ryan m., jonny, samerica, and jack :-)


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oh this was beautiful

thank you!! :))

man. wow. yeah thats kinda all i got. 10/10 fall from confusion and anxiety to acceptance. im glad hannah knew what was up so we had someone to be with.

thank you!! :)