this was made with bitsy and pixsy as part of the january 2021 ☁ clouds ☁ bitsy jam. audio added using add bitsy audio.

this is essentially a gallery of pixsy interpretations of photos i've taken of clouds over the last couple years. the clouds look different depending on how far away you are from the screen, which i think is neat.

controls: press any button to start. use WASD or arrow keys to move. press any button to progress dialogue.

musicleaving reality by Prod. Riddiman

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Authorbignastytruck (violet)
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, clouds, Short


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what a wonderful piece ❤️


Hello. I am writing fom Brazil and I am, too, very tired. My father was struck with Covid-19 almost 2 months ago, nearly died but now is recovering and I am taking care of him.  I'm so tired of everything, of being brazilian, of seeing people dying. Today I'm working on a Bitsy game to relax and I came upon your cloud exploring game and it made me happy. Thank you

very cute thank you!

So lovely!

thank you!! :))


a very lovely rest stop ☺️


thanks so much!! :)


very soothing and the sound & colors were perfect, thank u :)

thank you!!! :)

Some of the clouds remind me also of flocks of birds caught in motion. Sweet.

oh wow thank you for sharing that!!

this is very relaxing gallery. i love it <3

thank you for playing!! :))

very pretty and calming!

thank you!!! :)

this was so lovely! thank you for making it :)

thank you for playing it!! :)

Whew!  Mesmerizing mix of your pixsy-ed photos & palettes. Loved this lil interlude :D

thank you so much!! :)