tw: this is a poem that talks in metaphorical and abstract enough language that i think multiple potentially triggering interpretations are possible, so i will list all the possibly triggering interpretations i can think of here: self-harm, suicidality, dissociation, loss of self, self-destruction, body dysmorphia, not knowing/being disconnected from oneself, past trauma, past abuse, potentially some body horror. there is use of the word "you" in a few lines, specifically tied to elements that can be interpreted as being about death (of "you"), murder (of "you"), harm (to "you"), destruction and death by fire (of "you"). while these sections are not intended as addressing you the player, that is one possible interpretation. destruction by fire is talked about in direct but metaphorical terms.

this was made with bitsy as part of the "candle" bitsy game jam at the end of 2020.

controls: press any button to start. use WASD or arrow keys to move. press any button to progress dialogue.

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Authorbignastytruck (violet)
Made withbitsy
Tagsautobio, autobiographical, Bitsy, bitsyjam, Lo-fi, personal, Pixel Art, poem, poetry, Short


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the first line blew me away and i was hooked immediately! and putting out the candles to read each line felt unexpectedly cathartic, loved it

thank you!! that means a lot!! <3

thanks a lot for sharing! i agree putting out a candle before each line is really effective

thank you for playing!! <3

the way you have to put out the candle before each burning line gives me that feeling of back-and-forth internal tension. cathartic and beautiful and painful all at once

thank you for playing and for the kind words and analysis!! <3

Very powerful--thank you.

thank you for playing!! <3