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I wanna say that I've been using the littleguys very often now and I love them so much thank you for them (especially "release the neurotoxin" (it just fits into so many situations)). 

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, THIS MANIFESTO IS REALLY EXCELLENT!!! My own perspective/experience when it comes to game making is very juvenile, but the thoughts and feelings written out here are very powerful.... Just!!! Creative expression!!! It can be anything, silly or serious, and it doesn't have to be shared!!! It's cool when it gets shared, but...... sometimes you only wanna share stuff with people you trust will react a way you want 'em to!!!


omg i'm so glad you like the little guys!!!!! and thank you so much for your thoughts on the manifesto :))


!?!??! A legendary alteration of a little guy.......... (STILL USING THEM OFTEN. GOD I LOVE THEM.....)


you inspired me to make more little guys!!!! i added 9 new ones - you should be able to download them without it making you pay again! if i did it wrong though and it won't let you download them without making you pay again pleeeassssee let me know and i will find a way to get them to you!!!!

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II was able to download them fine!! But holy moly these are some really good little guys... THERE'S SO MUCH VARIETY IN POTENTIAL USAGE, NOW!!! Using beautifulworld and dieforever and everything in between shall be very enjoyable....!!! Thank you for the additional little guys!!! 

yayyy i hope you enjoy them!!! :))

i found this on my feed, loved it, and now i get to go through your other games and zines. blessed day

oh that's so nice to hear!! thank you!!


this is good and thoughtful and i can relate to a lot of it

it's probably cool epic poggers etc if it's messy and small and
broken, actually.

thank you!! :)


i love the little guy & the fact that he is here on the page as we speak



great thoughts, I love it and I love the little guy

thank you!!!